Skills to improve your client relationships

Training is easy: the tutor talks, you nod. Learning is difficult: it involves getting things wrong, taking risks, changing deep-rooted habits.

At The Client Academy, our reason to exist is to enable your learning. Because what really matters is not what we say, but what you do.

Who we are

The best teachers are those who have walked in the shoes of the students. All our consultants starting with the founder, Mónica Hernanz, have worked at blue chip companies managing people, budgets and clients before specialising in people development. They understand where you’re coming from.

How We Work

At The Client Academy we apply the same philosophy of client service that we teach. We listen, we adapt to your business and work with you to find the perfect solution. All of our programs are tailored to your needs. Our methodology engages the participants before, during and after the program.

What We Do

We apply our knowledge of psychology to the business world. We create learning programs that combine group sessions, coaching, and facilitation of events, all with extensive follow up to achieve tangible results. We change behaviours and cultures.